Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Red Leather

So I've never worn these pants out anywhere because there's some things that, even for me, are just too intense! But I thought it was about time because look, they are just too amazing not to share with you guys. This is actually a two piece but there's no way I could pull of both the top and pants together. If you're wondering where I found them they were actually a gift from my grandmother in Austria. I love the whole design of these, from the pockets and reversed leather panels down the side, to the pleats and the domes and the way I've folded up the bottoms.

The shoes I'm wearing are my brand new Jeffery Cambells! I'd been wanting a pair of these for ages and as I was wandering around Nelson with my friend I followed her into a shoe shop and there they were for only $75! They're normally around $200 so I was pretty stoked. I love that they're platforms because I suck at walking in heels but they are so comfortable and don't hurt my feet. And if you've seen how tall my boyfriend is you'll understand why I'm so exited that I'm up to his chin now!

I'm wearing two tops layered because the fishnet one was a bit revealing on it's own and I think the hint of red underneath ties it all together. I would've worn a jacket with this but it was soooo hot in my room, yay this means summer almost here! 


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