Monday, 1 September 2014

Golden Monochrome

Well I had fun editing these, especially the last one. Cheers Isaac for assisting me for a few of them. I felt like doing something a bit different so I played around with some settings on my camera doing alot of movement based stuff. I experimented with layering photos on top of eachother which you'll see some more of when I upload them to my facebook page Maniana's Style.

I've been meaning to do a post with these pants for a while but could never find anything to go with them. Then I thought instead of just wearing them with some boring colours to make them stand out, I'd wear my bronze jacket and stand in front of a gold curtain instead. Typical Maniana logic really. Some will think it's a horrible combination I'm sure but I love things that catch people's eye, even if that's not in a good way. 

I got these pants at Ladybug Boutique in Nelson (formally The Great Mistake) and this jacket was an old dress of my mum's. My Johnny Depp t-shirt is from Booklovers, one of my favourite shops in Nelson, and I put the mesh top over it which I scored at Trash Palace in Takaka. You can't see it in any of these shots but the belt has little elephants on it, I got it last time I was in Wellington at the Aro Valley opshop. The yin-yang necklace I made with a bit of ribbon and a bead I found at Whirled, which is also where I bought the bracelet.


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