Saturday, 17 May 2014

Second-hand Wonderland

[Photographed by Isaac Henry. Model is me]
I first saw this dress in an opshop, it was about five times wider than it is now, with extremely awkward t-shirt sleeves. But I took a chance because I loved the fabric, so I took it home and adjusted it. Trash Palace in Takaka (Golden Bay, New Zealand) is probably my favourite second-hand shop ever. Every item is only $1 or you can fill a bag for $7, I've got so many awesome clothes there, including this dress. The Madcat jacket I got in Wellington from the opshop in Aro Valley, but it's actually made by a designer in Nelson. The tie is an old one of my dads which I like to wear as a belt because my only actual belt is turquoise and therefore clashes with almost everything. I got these wonderful leather shoes for $5 at the Sunday market in Nelson. It just shows that you don't ever have to look far to find awesome, affordable, unique clothing, you just have to know where to look. When you're opshopping you always find interesting things rather than a rack of basically the same shirt in a few different colours. I find most of those normal clothing stores boring. Basic sewing skills are always good to have because when you're opshopping and something doesn't fit quite right you can't just grab a different size, everything is a one off! Plus I find it makes a garment more special when I've made the effort to adjust it myself. Also a personal rule of mine when doing any kind of shopping is I always ask "do I need it?" and if not, "do I love it?" This way I rarely end up with a pile of things that I never wear. 



  1. O I really like the one of you sitting on that rock.... it's an absolute winner! :) xox Tessa