Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Flower Child

Today I am wearing a 60's and 70's hippie inspired outfit. I found these amazing vintage flared jeans at the Nelson Sunday Market for $1, the top is also second hand and given to me by a friend. I love op-shopping so much, it's just amazing what you can find! Approximately 90% of my wardrobe is now second hand or locally made and I'm really proud because it's so much better than supporting the brand new, slave labour, clothing companies. I often used to get bullied in primary school for wearing second hand clothes but now it's becoming more and more "cool." It's great to see that people are starting to realize that it's better it is for the environment and how much more sustainable it is. I'm not actually wearing a bra in these photos just a lace crop top underneath so it's not see-through. It's much harder for chicks with big boobs to get away with but I figured, what the hell. If you're thinking of trying this I'd recommend wearing some sort of tight fitted top underneath whatever you are wearing so they're still slightly supported and theres less chance of anything showing through.
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