Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Vintage Lace Flares

These photos may not quite do them justice but the way that these wonderful pants found their way to me is a pretty unbelievable story: a year and a half ago I wandered into a vintage clothing store in Wellington and saw these black lace flared pants and thought 'wow those are pretty cool.' Then I walked out of the store and didn't think much of it. But a while later I decided that actually I really wanted some lace flares just like those ones I had seen. I spent a good year dreaming them up and trying to find the perfect pair but couldn't find what I wanted anywhere... Until about a month ago, when I was in Wellington again visiting friends, I coincidentally wandered into a familiar shop on Cuba Street and sure enough - there they were, the exact same pants, waiting for me!

I love this top aswell, it's made out of pure wool. It's quite bulky but it keeps me warm while still being breathable and looking funky - perfect for these inbetween seasons when the temperature is constantly changing. A friend gave it to me but I simply cannot remember who it was - which is really frustrating, so if it was you then please let me know! My boots were given to me by my best friend Gemma. I was with her when she first found them in an opshop and was extremely jealous but eventually she got sick of them and said I could have them. Yay! Clothes swaps with friends are the best.

These photos were taken by Isaac (on my cellphone) at the Grand Mercure resort in Monarco when I got back from my latest Wellington adventure in August. So they're from a wee while ago but at least I got around to posting! I will do my best to be regular from now on and post more new things, now that I have a steady routine it should be much easier. Hope you enjoyed this, please let me know what you think!


Monday, 5 October 2015

Update: My First Day at Mariposa

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know about a little update in my life and since it's a bit about fashion I thought it was relevant to post about here. I recently got a full-time job as the warehouse assistant at Mariposa Clothing and Soul Footwear in Takaka. Today was my first official day at work and it was awesome!

The best thing is the fact that I can go about doing my tasks, learning new things, working with wonderful people and really enjoying it all as the time flies by - and then I remember that I'm actually getting paid to do something that I love doing anyway!

I spend most of my time in the warehouse and occasionally cover in both of the shops. I get to do alot of walking between so I get out in the fresh air often. Oh and if you buy something from our online store then it will probably be packed and sent by me!

I'm so impressed by all of the processes that go on behind the scenes here, everything is so well organized. I also really love the ethical factors of this business. The owners actually go over to Bali and Thailand and meet the people who make the clothing and make sure it's good working conditions and everyone is paid properly. As you know one of my passions is ethical fashion so it's a huge plus to work somewhere with similar values.

It's truly fantastic to be a part of this amazing team of people. Thanks so much Kerryn and Steve for giving me this opportunity!


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Blog Makeover time!

Ok so as you may have realized I have not been posting on here very regularly, and by that I mean not at all for about four months. That's because I have been ridiculously busy with life and also just sitting around at home being boring and not wearing anything worth photographing anyway! But - I have a plan!

I've had a little brainstorm and now I'm ready to get back into this, but I want some feedback first. I want to know what you want to see more of! I'm keen to totally change this up. Instead of just posting pretty pictures of me with a paragraph of words I can do so much more than that. Here is a list of my ideas so far:
  • more video posts (I'm open to suggestions)
  • out and about photos (taken on my phone while I'm out in town etc)
  • how to/DIY posts (adjustment tips, sewing techniques, how to dress to your body shape or anything else)
  • shop my wardrobe (selling my garments straight to you guys)
  • my latest scores (new clothes, usually from opshops)
  • my favourites (sharing my favourite items, shops, designers etc.)
  • inspiration (pictures of people who inspire my personal style)
Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas feel free to share them with me! And if noone cares then I'll probably just start doing it anyway!


Friday, 6 February 2015

Festival Style 2015

These are a few of the outfits I wore last week at Luminate Festival. Photos taken by the amazing Isaac Henry. He's my new official fashion blog photographer! 

Day 1: Please excuse my ridiculously cheesy smile. I was stoked because we'd just finished setting up our new home (tent) for the week. I'm wearing the denim top that I made out of a secondhand dress and a pair of amazing silk patchwork drop-crotch pants I bought at the last Luminate Festival two years ago. Isaac gave me the useful tip of wetting my top to stay cool as it was almost unbearably hot that day. 

Day 2: Mirror selfie! Featuring Gemma looking majestic in the background, wearing the amazing antlers she makes. I'm wearing the sunflower top that I made recently and a skirt I bought ages ago at Trash Palace. I'm really into crop tops at the moment. This photo was taken in the stall I was working at, my friend Briar's shop 'Rethreads.' Me and some friends also sold a few of our own creations there.

NOTE: On day's 3 & 4: it rained like crazy so I didn't manage to take any photos, but I was just wearing boring warm clothes so you're not missing much.

Day 5: Embracing the sun when it finally came back out! Wearing my yellow corduroy jacket, tie-dye tights from Gemma and my space top which I made out of a secondhand t-shirt from Briar.

Day 6: This is one of my favourite shots that Isaac took of me. The tie-dye top has a good story... I was on my way to visit my friend's campsite when I passed a young woman chilling by her tent, I complimented on the top she was wearing and her reply was "Oh thank you, I've actually got some more if you want to buy for $5 each?" So I bought one and Gemma ended up getting one aswell. The red fishnet cardigan I bought from an opshop in Newtown and the scarf from Whirled in Nelson. The skirt is one of Gemma's creations, it's made of silk and she's dyed it naturally with onion skins, red cabbage and various other food waste products.

Day 7: On the last day of the festival I traded Briar's Vagabond (her new brand name which is replacing Rethreads) crochet cardigan for a few hours working in her stall. She hand dyed it using pieces of iron and leaves. The dress is from Trash Palace and the elephant belt is from the Vinnies in Aro Valley.

Make sure you always pack a range of clothing to any festival/camping trip! You can never be too sure what the weather will be like - we had scorching hot sun, days of rain and mud and freezing cold wind, so being prepared is essential. 

I hope you enjoyed my special festival style blog post. Let me know what you think... The rest of the photos will be up soon on my facebook page Maniana's Style.


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Sunflower Crop-top

Yesterday I made this top out of some old fabric that's been lying around for years (mum says it was probably once my grandma's). I'm so exited because it's one of the first pieces I've made totally from scratch, even creating my own pattern for it. It wasn't actually made to fit me, I was planning to sell it, but I think I've fallen in love... This is probably my favourite piece of clothing I've ever made.

Photography is by the amazing Isaac Henry, thanks so much babe. He's going to be doing alot more of my fashion photography for me because I'm sick of using a tripod and self timer. Speaking of, I have lots of exiting plans for this blog and the future of my style so watch this pace... Also I'm so sorry, I realize that I haven't posted anything here since September 2014!

I'm heading to a Luminate Festival today, for eight days, and I'm planning to photograph my outfits each day and create some kind of blog series out of that for you, along with must haves for festivals etc. Also I'll be helping out in my friend's stall Rethreads where she sells her amazing clothing all made out of secondhand fabrics. I might even be selling some of my own creations alongside her brand. So if you're coming up, come visit me! Eek! I can't wait!


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Video Post #2: Wellington Opshop Finds

I hope you enjoy my second video blog post. I know my hand gestures are as awkward as my kiwi accent, but I hope you can still understand what I mean. I enjoyed visiting Wellington so much, the opshops, the people, the music, the parties and just everything about it is wonderful. I definitely plan on spending more time up there next year. Thanks so much Gem for giving me a place to stay and so many awesome clothes! You're the best.


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Red Leather

So I've never worn these pants out anywhere because there's some things that, even for me, are just too intense! But I thought it was about time because look, they are just too amazing not to share with you guys. This is actually a two piece but there's no way I could pull of both the top and pants together. If you're wondering where I found them they were actually a gift from my grandmother in Austria. I love the whole design of these, from the pockets and reversed leather panels down the side, to the pleats and the domes and the way I've folded up the bottoms.

The shoes I'm wearing are my brand new Jeffery Cambells! I'd been wanting a pair of these for ages and as I was wandering around Nelson with my friend I followed her into a shoe shop and there they were for only $75! They're normally around $200 so I was pretty stoked. I love that they're platforms because I suck at walking in heels but they are so comfortable and don't hurt my feet. And if you've seen how tall my boyfriend is you'll understand why I'm so exited that I'm up to his chin now!

I'm wearing two tops layered because the fishnet one was a bit revealing on it's own and I think the hint of red underneath ties it all together. I would've worn a jacket with this but it was soooo hot in my room, yay this means summer almost here!